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Hollow Core XXY Alignment Alignment Stage

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The HBT00-190HC Motorized XXY Alignment Stage a high resolution, low profile, high load capacity, horizontal stage that can be easily integrated into any current or future application.

The platform size is  7.480 in x 7.480 in (190 mm x 190 mm). The height of the stage is 2.559 in (65 mm).

The precision ground screws provide 0.314 in x 0.314 in (
+/-3 mm x +/-3 mm) of travel in XY plane with high resolution and repeatability. The theta (rotary) axis range of travel is 6 degrees.

Some applications for the three-axis alignment stage include: testing, inspection, assembly and sampling in a broad range of industrial, medical, semiconductor and research facilities.

The stage is equipped with  stepper motors and limit switches per axis.

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Model No. Outline dimensions (mm) Table
Size (mm)
Size (mm)
Transmission Ratio Range of Travel Load Capacity (kg)
W D H X Y θ X (mm) Y (mm) θ (Deg)
HBT00-190HC 210 210 65 190 x 190 - 1 mm per Rev 1 mm per Rev 0.888 per Rev +/-4 +/-4 +/-3 65

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Specifications

Electrical Connection

Pin No.


Two-Phase Stepper Motor (1.8)  
Phase Resistance 5.6 Ohm, Bi-directional
Maximum Phase Current 0.67 Amp

DB-15 Male Connector

Pin No.


1 Stepper Motor Phase A+
2 Stepper Motor Phase A-
3 Stepper Motor Phase B+
4 Stepper Motor Phase B-
5 Not Connected
6 Positive Limit
7 Negative Limit
8 Not Connected
9 +5 VDC Input
10 Not Connected
11 +5 VDC Return (Ground)
12 Not Connected
13 Not Connected
14 Not Connected
15 Not Connected

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